Measuring Success based on Transformative Changes — Wisdom from Community Partners AdviCoach

Howdy, folks! We're super stoked this month to feature our Community Partners, AdviCoach. AdviCoach is a nationwide network of qualified, passionate coaches who are ready to help you improve your business, and we are excited that the Richmond team calls Gather their home. Not only that, but they are so passionate about Coworking, about Richmond, about …

Our Coworkers do Halloween *Right*

Happy Halloween, folks! Over here at Gatherland we're all in the Halloween spirit and we wanted to share some photos from last Friday's Happy Hour at Scott's Addition and some of our Coworkers today! As  you can see, we're celebrating the season in style. Happy Halloween!

Negotiation Tactics for Business Owners

Too often, we see clients walk away from a potential relationship with a client, a vendor, a service provider, a consultant, or an amazing opportunity because they are too afraid to negotiate the few terms they don’t like. If you abandon the all-or-nothing mindset you can free yourself to get what you want. More often than not, the other side is far more reasonable than you envisioned and a bit of negotiating is all it takes to reach a deal.